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Coproduction is an approach to improvement that holds that everyone within a system is interconnected and has a role to play in improving it. The approach recognizes that those who are affected by a system are often best positioned to design or improve it.

Shift’s Foundations for Authentic Coproduction toolkit provides a structure to build meaningful collaboration between partners as you work together to bring about a shared vision for improvement. This toolkit can be used for people improving any system – from educational systems that are designed to work only for some students to criminal-legal systems that discriminate against Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color to food systems that leave many in our communities food insecure.

For the purposes of this toolkit, we have organized our resources for establishing authentic partnerships into five equal dimensions – commit, communicate, consult, cultivate, and collaborate.

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Part of our own improvement journey is inviting feedback on what we put into the world - how it is working for you, how it isn't, and what we can do to improve it. If you have thoughts to share on this toolkit, visit our survey. Thank you!

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We're ready to learn more, are you?

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