We make sustainable social change possible.

Shift is the collaborative improvement organization dedicated to accelerating and amplifying social change. 

We collaborate with a wide range of organizations with ambitious goals to improve lives, from making healthcare more patient-centered to improving the student experience and increasing equity in education. 

What We Do

Our team partners with subject matter experts to design and run successful improvement initiatives. Examples include improving maternal and newborn outcomes, increasing educational opportunity for the students who need it most, and supporting families experiencing intimate partner violence. 

“What we love about continuous improvement in general is that it’s so inclusive. Everybody belongs, everybody brings their lived experience, everybody contributes. It’s bringing people together to solve a problem.” 

Karen Zeribi

Founder & CEO, Shift

From teaching improvement methods to building scalable, self-sustaining improvement networks, our team will guide you through each step in designing and running your improvement initiative or network. Read more about our services. 

Global Impact

Shift is trusted by leading organizations in healthcare, education, and beyond to make positive change happen. See our work. 

Our Partners