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Are you looking for ways to reduce the inequities in your district for Black, Latinx and low-income K-12 students? Have you considered how we might redesign the education system to better serve students furthest from educational justice?

Improvement Methods for Equity (IM4E) seeks to support the development of or extending an organization’s capacity to engage school level staff in continuous improvement processes. Our goal is to emphasize how continuous improvement can be used in service of increasing equitable outcomes in education.

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Are you working on a complex project to improve lives? Bring your team to our next Improvement Design Intensive, where we’ll lead you through the strategy and steps to design and execute a large-scale improvement initiative.

We collaborate with you to identify what questions should be asked, who should be involved, and how to measure success. You will leave with a clear improvement roadmap adapted to your unique project. 

“This session was incredibly helpful for me, for both the initiative we discussed here and the other initiative I’m working on. I believe these concrete change ideas and processes will help me be more effective in all of my future work.”

Improvement Design Intensive Participant