“Good design is like a refrigerator—when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks.” –Irene Au

Registration is now CLOSED for May 21-23. Register for August 6-8 below! 

Are you and your team working on an improvement network? Do you have the right expertise but need help with the ingredients to design for success? Shift-Results will support your team throughout the Improvement Design Intensive to design an improvement initiative that allows your expertise to shine as you move toward changing outcomes.  

We will guide your team through the key elements in designing and running improvement networks and initiatives. We have learned through decades of experience that a strong design is critical to success.  This is one of the most challenging improvement science skills and where teams need to start efforts before launching their initiative.  

Shift-Results designed the Improvement Design Intensive to provide an environment where teams working on different topics can come together to access design coaching, learn from each other, and accelerate the design process through protected time with their team.  We have condensed the design support that we offer clients on an individual basis into a highly interactive, team-based, 2.5 day session. Our goal is to ensure that each team leaves with a draft design for their improvement network or initiative that can be proposed to the wider community.  

In this retreat, your team will:

  • Define a clear and powerful aim for your improvement network or initiative
  • Capture the collective intelligence of your multi-disciplinary team to create a conceptual framework for how to accomplish that aim
  • Create a strategy to mobilize your clients and members of your community to lead efforts
  • Build a balanced set of practical measures to track progress towards the aims
  • Determine how to work effectively as a team on the execution of the initiative
  • Prioritize the changes to be adapted and implemented by teams participating in your improvement initiative
  • Design a learning structure to enable improvement teams to engage with and learn from each other

What to expect

  • A two and half day retreat with dynamic instructors with 20 years of experience in designing quality initiatives and networks
  • Personalized coaching, instruction, and guidance
  • Offered to no more than 30 individuals to maximize opportunities to learn from each other
  • Learn side-by-side with like-minded professionals from organizations in healthcare, education, social services, environmental conservation, and more

Sample schedule

What are the takeaways

  • Enhanced team capacity to design future improvement networks and initiatives
  • Feedback, insight, and support from other teams
  • A stronger design that captures expertise and perspective of your multidisciplinary team
  • Tools to support the implementation of your improvement initiative
  • A draft design (charter) you can share with your wider community for feedback or use as a starting place for a proposal to potential funders

Dates: May 21-23, 2019, August 6-8, 2019

Where: Hotel Andra, downtown Seattle

Cost: $3,000 per person with a team of at least 3 people.

Registration fees include materials, instruction, breakfast, lunch, and refreshments (all catering to be provided by Tom Douglas restaurants).  We are thrilled to collaborate with the Tom Douglas cooking school, Hot Stove Society, to offer a team-building cooking class and dinner. Your team will be responsible for any costs related to travel (air, ground transportation, parking, etc), hotel, and dinners (except cooking class).   

We will send additional information about local hotels, restaurants, and activities upon confirmation of your team’s attendance.

**Shift-Results is committed to supporting meaningful work that improves our world. If the cost of this workshop is prohibitive for your organization, please contact us.  We will consider needs-based pricing on a case-by-case basis.

Application:  Please fill out the brief application so we can learn more about your team and your improvement initiative.   We will limit the number of teams to maintain a small group to ensure that each team has sufficient time with improvement faculty.

Questions? Contact us at contact@shift-results.com.

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