Improvement Design Intensive: May 21-23 and Aug 6-8

Are you working on a project to achieve high-impact change? Transform the world with a purpose-driven design.

We want to help your organization achieve your ambitious goals that will improve lives. Join us for an interactive, action packed 2.5 days at this year’s Improvement Design Intensive (IDI).

A key to achieving sustainable improvement is a strong design that incorporates different viewpoints, embraces the complexity of your work, and builds alignment and excitement around shared goals. A key to sustainable improvement is a strong design driven by a sense of common purpose.

Apply for May 21-23 or August 6-8!


design is complex

Designing improvement networks or initiatives is complex and challenging. Our highly experienced facilitators will guide you through key elements of designing and running improvement networks and initiatives. 

what we believe

We believe that incorporating a variety of voices, viewpoints, and lived experiences of community stakeholders in design is critical to establishing the right aims from the beginning and creating shared ownership. 

what we provide

At this team based retreat, teams have access to personalized coaching and the opportunity to learn from other teams. Each team will leave with a draft design that can be proposed to the wider community for feedback.




Your team will draft a design with:

A Clear Aim

Team Roles

Theory of Change

Learning Events

Community Voice

Personalized Coaching

Practical Measures

Cross Team Learning

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Downloadable Course Description

IDI May Flyer


I really appreciate feedback throughout the process and hands on. I appreciate that you all made sure that the space was safe to share and inclusive.

With both of your guidance and time to spend thinking about it, I was able to solidify some of my ideas about this process, the aim, the measures, and stakeholders. I was able to translate the dream into some reality and now need to move forward to get the dream team together!

Wonderful opportunity to work with such experts who could answer ANY question with detailed and thoughtful feedback. The whole experience was at a really higher level than so many training opportunities. You all really know your stuff.